Af sexologisk coach Sofie Krog

Do you find it hard to get to know new people? Or do you struggle to relate to the people you already know on a deeper level?

Most of us grapple with fear of rejection and insecurities about ourselves. But for some, it’s a huge barrier as to genuinely connect with others.

Here are some easy tricks on how to have conversations and get connected to others:

1. Curiosity – ask questions, let people talk and tell their story, and show them that you are interested in them.

2. Honesty – be honest and open about your thoughts and feelings, and react authentically to what you experience.

3. Patience – be patient with other people and respect the time it takes for them to open up. Don’t rush things, and have faith that the intimacy will grow with time.

These three things are a great starting point of any good relationship – romantic as well as friendly.

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